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About us

'Development Connects' [DC] is an idea to achieve a better world for all . This can be acheived through anticipatory  action reflection cycles driven by self for society . The idea of DC was coined by Kallol Saha, a development practitioner based at India in 2013. To promote the ideals ,  a sole propreitorship management consulting firm was established at Ranchi, India in 2021.

DC strives to acheive a 'Better Tomorrow' for nations and neighbourhood.

Improve skill , capability and choice of life & livelihood for citizen & society.

We design and deliver meaningful socio-technical interventions .




We design , deliver  and evaluate naratives, projects and programs with expert recomended improved practices.

Our Key domain covers natural resource management, economic development and local self governance.

Objectively verifiable Information , Education and Communication is key to our work. 

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