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Understanding Role of Women in Indian Agriculture

As we know that India is an agriculture prior country and it is how much important for the growth and development of our country. Women play a very important role to the agriculture and in rural economy in our country along with this they also manage complex household and livelihood strategies. Their activities typically include producing agricultural crop, cooking food, maintaining animals, nursing children, collecting fuel, marketing and maintaining their homes. Some of these works are not consider as the economic growing employment but these are important for maintaining the household.

As some report in agriculture Indian women contribution percentage is 30. And in some other countries it is 50 percent .women participation in rural labour market show much heterogeneity at the regional level, but women are over represented in unpaid, seasonal and part time work, But the wages of female is always less than the man. Women play a significant role in the agricultural labour force and in agricultural activities, such as sowing weeding , some time ploughing, irrigation, compost application, harvesting and even the post harvesting activities are also done by the women. It s show that the women spend their time in their fields regularly. But it is change region to region as well as the household women activity and their interest of working. Women’s are rarely engaged in commercial activities as well as long distance working because of women’s domestic responsibilities or social norms. So the question of women’s contribution to agriculture and production cannot be answered with any degree of accuracy.

( Post by Mahendra Karmali dated 25th January 2020)

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