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Skill Development in Agriculture : Shaping 'Training of Trainers' process

India mainly depends on the agricultural sector. For this farmers have to be well developed skills to become success in the agricultural field. So the main agenda is to provide the basic and scientific skills so that they can have the better result in coming day. There are following skills that can be helpful to the Indian farmers that are :-

A. Adaptability – This helps to overcome from the different critical situations in the farm and have the ability to take the risk as well as to enhance the risk bearing ability. Adaptability is necessary on the business side of agriculture, with professionals needing to be able to learn and adapt quickly to meeting changing consumer demands. The industry itself is also quickly changing, with new challenges constantly presenting themselves.

B.Management Skills – It is also a important skill that plays a very important role in developing own farm in that particular areas of production. Most of the farmers have not proper management skill so their farm could not works in an proper manner.

C. Inter personal Skill - Interpersonal skills are a big deal for most business owners, including farmers. In fact, organic farmers have to work even harder than regular farmers on interpersonal skills because not all consumers know about organics.

D. Technology Literate -Farming is one of many industries where technology's advancement is playing a larger and larger role with each passing year. Every stage of the process from the preparation of the ground in order to receive the crop throughout to the final packaging and delivery to consumers is becoming more and more reliant on technology to ensure the process runs smoothly.

( Post By : Krishna Kumar Mohali , Dated : 25th January, 2020, Time :12.30 PM)

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