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Learning from India-Africa Innovation Sharing Platform

In the India- Africa Innovation Sharing Platform, we aim to demonstrate the efficacy of an Innovation Sharing Platform as an efficient and potentially scalable mechanism to effect a innovation transfer from India to Africa. •Arid & Semi Arid Land Constitute 65% of Kenya .This area known as rift valley in home of Masai community: Annual average rainfall here is between 200 and 600mm & Annual temperatures range from 23°C to 34°C. Livestock is their prime source of Livelihood : Large scale cattle death is reported regularly in want of Water and Fodder : We See Scope of intervention through community led Traditional Indian Innovations. The pastoralist Masai community lives off the vast land dotted with thorny bushes and grassland. In the last few years, a search for water has driven the men and cattle over miles of dry land, sometimes across the border into Tanzania. Sometimes to death. With support from India - Africa Innovation sharing platform assisted by 'Feed The Future' program of USAID, The women Dairy Federation Members of Meto show how to reverse this path and transform their livelihood in the process. They provided acres of land and willfully manage construction large water pans in 10 Locations of Kaziado county with a cumulative water holding capacity of 72000 Cum. It directly helped 710 Household, 5300 Cows, 65000 Goats & 8400 Wild animal to get much need life saving water in the bad land of the drought.

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