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Community Led Water Security Movement

Community Led Water Security (CLWS) program is an effort to recognise importance of water as an economic good and spread awareness among rural communities to enable them to manage their water resource in economically efficient manner. The program aims to create women entrepreneurs in a small hamlet or neighborhood and encourage formation and / or empowerment of a community body assimilating best practices from legal framework and traditional systems to address water and sanitation exigencies felt by the community. The program stands in consonance with relevant clause of Sustainable Development Goal 6.

At the core of the program is a community collective that acknowledges water as an economic commodity. The collective understands and appreciate the basic science and commercial aspects of water management that falls under their jurisdiction. The collective identifies, evaluate and account for local water reserves and decide a norm of transaction. The collective is empowered to make informed decision on water withdrawal, distribution and recharge process. On solution front, every collective assures clean and portable drinking water supply to the community member adopting suitable technology option for testing, treatment and harvesting. The collective selects one or more women Entrepreneurs who run water kiosk, conduct water audit, carry out preventive maintenance and functions as first point of referral in case of a water exigency. The whole system is monitored through an IoT enabled dashboard essentially generating large scale water supply and ground water usage data in line of SDG 6 indicators for India.


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