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Using a drone for Precision Agriculture

As we know that drone is human less aircraft. Now it is used in various field from food delivery to arms. But, did you know that drone is also use in agricultural field as agriculture machinery. It helps in agriculture field to increase in production of crop, farm efficiency as well as improve in quality of produce. If we talking about uses of drone in agriculture, it is used for monitoring the crop field, agricultural practices, and use to gathering regular data and information related to crop field. In general, agriculture drone is used in very large agricultural field. It decreases the labour cost and input cost.

Drones are use in seed sowing, application of pesticides, sprinkle irrigation as well as to monitoring the pest attack in field. The sensors and digital images helps farmer to apply agricultural practices according to need basis of field. The combination of data shows the farmer the differences between healthy and unhealthy plants. Farmer can get data and information related to agricultural crop quality in daily, weekly and monthly basis The drones are designed and programming according to need basis. Irrigation, pesticides application drone, seed sowing drone have large in size and having tank to carry the water, pesticides and water respectively. Whereas monitoring drone working on highly effective sensors.

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