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For a Never Before Experienc

You will be personally mentored by the best in the industry. Still you will be your in charge. We wish you happy learning and  Fun-venture ahead. 


For last two days we were exploring Simdega, another overtly underrated district from central Indian plateau. We traveled more than 550 KM and trekked through forest, hills and rivers. But when the agenda is development, we essentially do connect to people. So, there were knowledge sessions, dyadic conversations and listening exercises. We discussed cultural evolution, social construct and economic activities with the people who matters . For Development Connects, Simdega is a place dear to our heart and mind. We take this opportunity to thank our stakeholders and partners . Through RURBAN 2020, we commit to our mission of making Simdega 'Heard' & 'Seen'. Welcome to Stunning Simdega, Incredible India.

About Rurban 2020

Development Connects is supporting it's client Amar Jagriti Kendra in assessment and design of Thirty model projects under Rurban Mission in two Gram Panchayets of Simdega block. We are inviting Final Year Students of Civil Engineering , Management and Rural development for who are willing to take up a Two months internship project with us. Under this assignment the intern shall develop one project with physical and financial details under guidance  of senior representatives of Development Connects. The assignment includes occasional travel to the site ( maximum 5 Days) at their own expense. The project is due to start from 11th February, 2012. To execute this we are considering tie up with reputed academic institutions of Ranchi District. An orientation have already been conducted in Ram Krishna Mission Vivekananda University. Shelf of projects available with us are given below.

Opening Event

Fourth and Final year students from Department of Agriculture,Rural and Tribal Development of RKMVU along with professors participated in a half day long orientation program for Rurban 2020 on 7th February, 2020. More than Ten (10) students guided by a team of 3 Faculties have shown their interest to be part of this journey. They are joining us at the field camp scheduled on 11th and 12th February at Simdega. 

Shelf of Projects
Rural Market
Paver block unit
Cold Room
Stiching Unit
Medical Store
Processing Units
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