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And, you can get a truck with both a flatbed and a cab, a passenger van, a heavy duty truck and a whole lot more! You can also get an Ute, which is a kind of a truck that gets transported by a trailer attached to the back of it, with both a cab and a flatbed! You can also get a bus, a passenger bus, a heavy duty bus, a refuse transport, a fire truck, a garbage truck, a police car, a snowplow and all kinds of emergency vehicles. These vehicles come in all different sizes, and there are more than 150 different types in the game! The vehicles are not unlocked randomly, either. They all have a specific purpose, which is to transport objects, like cargo, or to transport passengers. The vehicles are not meant to get around, though, and do not have doors, wheels or any kind of contact with the road. Many vehicles can transport more than one type of cargo or passenger. They can carry 2 passengers, 2 cargo containers and even a third cargo container! Not only do you get the vehicles, but there are a number of aircrafts, which are not exactly planes, but more like helicopters. There are helicopters with doors, like the Elicen, which fly and hover over the roads, but without an engine. There are helicopters without doors, like the Firestorm, which are only helicopters that can’t land on the roads, but they fly. And then there are helicopters that land, like the Scout, which has an engine and can land on the roads. Another cool feature is that if you drive a vehicle in the city, there will be other vehicles on the roads, like pedestrians, and other cars. So the vehicles will have to interact with other vehicles, which can be a challenge if you are in a situation with, say, a truck, a car and a pedestrian, who wants to cross the street! More than 150 vehicles in the game! How do I get them? To get all the vehicles, you need to get the blueprints for the vehicles from the blueprints section. These blueprints are all found in the Police Station, and there are usually a lot of them available, so it doesn’t take long before you have all the blueprints for the vehicles. But the vehicles are not all randomly unlocked, either. Vehicles will be randomly unlocked, or you can play the Easy or Normal Game to




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