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The idea of Change

KC is result of my believe in power of knowledge. It’s an effort to contribute towards a self reliant nation. I believe in unbridled exchange of knowledge at an environment of mutual trust & respect. So, KC facilitates knowledge exchange with a mutually agreed Terms of Reference.

User Benefit 

With annual subscription, users get free access to common pull resources hosted by ‘Development Connects’ and free response and advise to one question every month. The users also get to showcase their professional skills. They become our preferred knowledge correspondent for future projects. They also get chance to work with senior professionals in their field of interest.

Nation First Pledge

KC is result of years of hard work by noted Development Practitioners. They continue to work to make the world a better place, in the time of greatest adversaries. As a citizen driven initiative KC  stands committed for Nation Building .  Whenever a user makes a transaction at KC 10 percent of transaction cost goes to support our local area economic development  initiatives.

Who should Join?

Registration is open for students and professionals in the domain of Rural Development, Agri Business Management , Social Work , Public Policy & Governance, Earth & Environmental Science. In due course of time we shall offer knowledge support on other domains of physical science and Humanities. Professionals working with Government Agencies, International Development Agencies Non Government , Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives , Not for Profit Agencies is likely to find it useful.


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Private Tuition

Group Learning

Live Session

Presenting A customized, on the go, not for profit Knowledge support system For Development Practitioners curated by Kallol ‘Knowledge Connects’ (KC) is a peer learning group promoted by ‘Kallol Saha ’. It is an initiative to provide on time guidance to students and professionals working on development Projects and Programs. The system works through subject specific knowledge groups hosted at Google Classroom  and tracked through what’s App and web based  communications..

Why us?

Sorry, google we are steps ahead. When comes to knowledge,  I have seen people struggling with what they have and what they are looking for. I have seen people struggling with timeline. Also, I have seen people struggling with content and continuity. That’s when you need us.

Knowledge is power

KC has various cost options based suitable to participants requirement. Students can registrar with a annual subscription of Rs. 100.00. Academicians can join with annual subscription of Rs. 250.00. Industry Professionals can join with annual subscription of Rs. 500.00. Beyond the registration benefit, users would have complete flexibility to fix the cost of their question and choosing the expert. 

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