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About DC Legal  

Legal Support Made Easy

DC Legal is a legal tech and civic action start-up ideated by Development Connects . The idea is shortlisted by CIIO.CE for incubation. We are working to create an online service portal for common citizens to address their daily legal needs. The portal shall help  citizens access their rights and entitlements as well as authentic legal services at affordable cost. This would also enable participants to express their views in any projects , programs or matter of their interest . The initiative aims to bring in qualified experts to solve legal issues using the latest development in the field of law as well as information and communication technology. 


We beleive in Justice , equity and fairness. Are you in ? 



How it works ? 

At DC Legal we are working to create an online legal and civic action platform. The platform is being designed to address formal and informal legal requirement of citizens from all walk of life. Here is how we work for you: 

1. Citizens of India having any question or in need of any legally guaranteed service can send an enquiry to 8292385665 through SMS or 'what's app'. 

2. On receipt of enquiry our team guides the client to complete the registration form available at DC Legal page of .

3.Citzens can also register online directly using the registration form. The form is given along side.

4. Barcode of the DC Legal page is provided in DC Legal promotional materaisls. One can scan this to land in the registration page.

5. Post registration our team works on to categorize the requirement and identify the compatible resources available with us. 

6. Above process may take 1 to 15 days of time . Once suitable resources are available ,client is informed through What's app and Mail.

7. Resource Information is provided in terms of qualification, subject matter experience  and proposed fee based on scope of work .

8. Client now accepts to hire the  resource through advance payment for first session. We accept all form of online payment .

9. DC Legal strives to facilitate first session within 7 days of receipt of payment in it's account.

10. Rights & entitlement services are available through our website or affiliated common service centers easily. 

Knowledge Management

Our experts offer generic & case specific  legal knowledge through  online sessions

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Rights & Entitlements

Our affiliated community service centers helps you to process your rights & entitlements

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Drafting & Documentation

Our expert team help you to design, draft and download legal documents

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Greivance Management 

When something is needs change , we help you to put it up with authorities

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